Nic started his career in the Fitness Industry in 2003 after retiring early from professional sport due to injury. During his 17yrs in the industry Nic has been exposed to and trialed many different methodologies. Nic picked parts of each and applied it to his Formal Education and Anecdotal Evidence obtained through those years, to form the exact methods he uses now to coach Elite Level clients of #TeamNMBodies. 

Nic's passion lies in the Routine, Discipline and Sacrifice required to be successful in the sport of competitive Bodybuilding… regardless of division. Although a very genetically driven sport, Nic believes that he can get the absolute best out of any competitor's potential through proper Nutrition, thoughtful and specific Training Periodisation, Attitude adjustments and extreme accountability to both your coach… and yourself. 

Nic exclusively coaches athletes or those that are looking to compete, both Male and Female. If you wish to book a consult please fill out the enquiry form below and Nic will be in contact to assess whether you are a suitable fit for #TeamNic




I have learnt a lot in the gym and about food. I would not of dropped weight without Nic as my coach. Can't wait to see what else we can do. Would recommend him to any one - Corey 

Nic has been a legend since coming onboard to his team. Nothing has ever been too much of a hassle. Always maintained a positive mindset regardless of the hurdles. Strength and confidence has gone through the roof since joining and excited to see how much further it goes! - Darcy 

I have had many coaches whilst trying to be successful in body building. I made the decision to change to Nic and  have never seen such amazing progress in such short time. Finally I am training and eating like an athlete and I finally am starting to look like a bikini competitor all thanks to Nic and his methods - Em


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